It’s Christmas Time Again!


At LC4U this week, we have our final rehearsals for our Christmas Carol at the Mundy Home.

Everyone is excited and looking forward to our coming.


Please bring them early.

Our outing to the Mundy Home is this coming Saturday the 21st of December.

We are expected at 2.00 pm prompt at the home. Please support them to learn their song lyrics.

We will meet up at the club venue at 12.45 pm for preparation as we did last time and leave go together for Mundy home at !.20pm.


Kindly ensure that they wear outfits that are Christmasy and their Christmas hats for uniformity.

We are counting on you for volunteer support to get us all to the home and back.

We should be done at Mundy home to be back at the club by 3.00 pm or so.

As it is our last meeting till the new year, we will go back to the club hall, pray and share our normal snack

We will then take our party bags at home.

The address of Mundy Home:

On Whitmore Way turn right to Church Road

Take 2nd Turning no your right on CHURCH ROAD.

His grace be multiplied to you.

MI (for LC4U)