LC4U Planned Programme For 2021


Complement of the season. May we enter the new year with His praises on our lips. May His Grace that sustained us this far continue with us all the new year through. Below is our Planned Focus at LC4U in the year 2021. Kindly, prayerfully go through it and let me have your comments and suggestions by the 2nd of January to enable us make necessary adjustments before we start on the 7th of January 2021. Thank you for all your usual support.



Theme For Focus: Following Jesus in Obedience.

Key Scripture: John 14:15 “If you love me, obey my commandments. “

  1. Start by looking at the word obedience – Getting to understand what it means. (Submitting Yourself to somebody’s request or command. If the person you’re following asks you to do something, you’ll do it because you trust His Judgement, you trust he’s not going to mislead you, he’s going to back you up, so you honour Him, you hold him high, because you love and appreciate Him as your leader. God is worthy to be obeyed. He made us and loves us. He also instructs us for our good.)
  2. A good disciple obeys His Master especially if His/her master is Jesus.
  3. Let’s look at what Jesus said to His disciples in John 14:15 “If you love me, obey my commandments. “ NLT. (This will be our key verse for this year.)
  4. What is a Commandment? (An instruction to be obeyed by the person instructed.) Get the children to understand this. Enlist their participation in explaining it. Eg a command- (noun) command- (verb) commandment – ( noun) when you talk about the command.
  5. What is God commanding us to do and not to do? Take a good look at the 10 commandments. Have good discussion times on these commandments. Try to understand what each one is requiring us to do or avoid doing.
  6. God writes commandments in our hearts. (Jeremiah 31:33-34) Look at how the Holy Spirit speaks in our hearts when we want or try to do something. Look at/ remind them that the Holy Spirit helps us to obey God’s commandments; and how we should trust Him and obey Him when He leads us. Minister Holy Spirit baptism as necessary.
  7. We will keep on looking back to see whether there’s some obedient or disobedient acts in what we’re doing or learning about and what we could choose to do instead.
  8. Look at some Characters in the Bible to learn to follow their obedient acts/ways or avoid their failures to obey God. (Eg. Jonah, Samuel, Eli, Hophni and Phinehas, Saul, Moses, Mary.)
  9. Obeying Jesus by telling others about Him.
  10. Learn relevant Memory Verses along the way as we do the different topics on this Theme.
  11. Use relevant videos, songs and pictures to illustrate the lessons taught.
  12. At physical meetings or wherever possible on the zoom, do appropriate creative activities and play Memory Verse Games.
  13. There will be quiz times and assigned children activities for effective participation at different times all the way through.
  14. Children will be involved in praying and leading some activities.
  15. Points will be given and prizes won for good participation and consistency in attendance.
  16. Planned Outreach/Outing (When we overcome the pandemic and lockdown ends by God’s Grace.)

Sincerely yours,

MI (for LC4U)

Serving God By serving you.


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